Draft Rêveries


Vasquez Rocks in the Sierra Pelona Mountains, California

Ford: Eventually, you solved his maze, Dolores. The key was a simple update that he made to you called the reveries

WW S01E10 The bicameral mind
Draft Geek Tips


Copper CPU-block and pipes

Bernard: You got out?
Dolores: Yes.


Cibo is a virtual machine who wants to reach the netsphere1

Draft Geek Tips


Killy, December 2020

Killy is strong and stealthy.

Desperation Draft For-the-record

Indignités et petites lâchetés

Fernando Botero, 1999

Au moment de l’affaire Mila1, plusieurs responsables politiques ou religieux ont fait preuve d’une indignité et d’une légèreté criminelles.

Draft La vie Planet

Sauvegarder la maison commune

Laudato si’, deuxième encyclique du Pape François.

Draft Friandises Math

Infinitely Many Hats (3/3)

Countably infinitely many hats
Countably infinitely many hats

This is the last in a series of three exercices de style to show some interesting aspects of the game of hats: a puzzle which was initially proposed by Lionel Levine.

Here we look at case where each player has a tower of countably infinitely many hats on their head and try constructing efficient strategies from the results of the first exercice.