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  • Reveries


    Ford: Eventually, you solved his maze, Dolores. The key was a simple update that he made to you called the reveries WW S01E10 The bicameral mind

  • Cibo


    Bernard: You got out?Dolores: Yes. WW-S03E01 Cibo is a virtual machine who wants to reach the netsphere

  • Killy


    Killy is strong and stealthy.

  • Indignités et petites lâchetés

    Indignités et petites lâchetés

    Au moment de l’affaire Mila, plusieurs responsables politiques ou religieux ont fait preuve d’une indignité et d’une légèreté criminelles.

  • Sauvegarder la maison commune

    Sauvegarder la maison commune

    Laudato si’, deuxième encyclique du Pape François.

  • Infinitely Many Hats (3/3)

    Infinitely Many Hats (3/3)

    This is the last in a series of three exercices de style to show some interesting aspects of the game of hats: a puzzle which was initially proposed by Lionel Levine. First exercice Second exercice Here we look at case where each player has a tower of countably infinitely many hats on their head and […]