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  • PDF post-processing

    PDF post-processing

    Useful tools: QPDF OCRmyPDF Abby FineReader

  • Cibo


    Bernard: You got out?Dolores: Yes. WW-S03E01 Cibo is a virtual machine who wants to reach the netsphere

  • Killy


    Killy is strong and stealthy.



    Reference literature: Insecure Until Proven Updated: Analyzing AMD SEV’s Remote Attestation All you ever wanted to know about the AMD Platform Security Processor and were afraid to emulate Uncover, Understand, Own – Regaining control over your AMD cpu

  • ImageMagick


    Example of useful ImageMagick command line.



    Indispensable pour partager la connexion Internet entre un portable Android et un MacBook. HoRNDIS package installer with patch for OSX Catalina Joshua Wise’s information page HoRNDIS page on GitHub GitHub thread about HoRNDIS and OSX Catalina See also the Remote Network Driver Interface Specification on wikipedia.

  • Playing DSD Audio

    Playing DSD Audio

    Korg’s AudioGate works on MacOS. See also Audiophile Inventory’s educational pages by Yuri Korzunov.

  • WordPress Cheatsheet

    WordPress Cheatsheet

    Child themes Child themes are the recommended way to customize your favorite WordPress theme.

  • d8 cheatsheet

    d8 cheatsheet

    d8 is V8 developer shell: a powerful JavaScript interpreter and a convenient tool for developing CLI-based utilities.

  • Zotpress


    A useful plugin by Katie Seaborn to manage bibliography for your articles: brings Zotero and scholarly blogging to your WordPress website.