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  • Nextcloud PR#915 – At last :)

    Nextcloud PR#915 – At last 🙂

    Add support for video captions in Nextcloud. Pull request #915 for issue #239 was merged on Sept 1st. I’m honored 🙂

  • Trap shooting on HP 9825

    Trap shooting on HP 9825

    Thanks uncle Paul for the coding.



    Reference literature: Insecure Until Proven Updated: Analyzing AMD SEV’s Remote Attestation All you ever wanted to know about the AMD Platform Security Processor and were afraid to emulate Uncover, Understand, Own – Regaining control over your AMD cpu

  • Robust super-resolution depth imaging

    Robust super-resolution depth imaging

    Robust super-resolution depth imaging via a multi-feature fusion deep network —

  • ImageMagick


    Example of useful ImageMagick command line.

  • WordPress Cheatsheet

    WordPress Cheatsheet

    Child themes Child themes are the recommended way to customize your favorite WordPress theme.

  • d8 cheatsheet

    d8 cheatsheet

    d8 is V8 developer shell: a powerful JavaScript interpreter and a convenient tool for developing CLI-based utilities.

  • Zotpress


    A useful plugin by Katie Seaborn to manage bibliography for your articles: brings Zotero and scholarly blogging to your WordPress website.

  • SecretLens


    A nice VS Code extension by Fernanco Crespo for managing secrets in a plain text file.

  • Hats Calculator (2/3)

    Hats Calculator (2/3)

    This is the second in a series of three exercices de style to show some interesting aspects of the game of hats: a puzzle which was initially proposed by Lionel Levine. First exercice Second exercice Third exercice Here we introduce the hats calculator: a toy application which implements the operations introduced in the first exercice. […]