Mois : septembre 2020

  • Infinitely Many Hats (3/3)

    Infinitely Many Hats (3/3)

    This is the last in a series of three exercices de style to show some interesting aspects of the game of hats: a puzzle which was initially proposed by Lionel Levine. First exercice Second exercice Here we look at case where each player has a tower of countably infinitely many hats on their head and […]

  • Guifred II de Cerdagne

    Guifred II de Cerdagne

    Guifred II comte de Cerdagne et de Confluent entreprit en 1001 de fonder l’abbaye Saint-Martin du Canigou. Sa pierre tumulaire en écriture onciale, perdue puis retrouvée dans le pavement de l’église de Casteil a été replacée dans son lieu d’origine en 2019 : GUIFREDI COMITIS CINERES MONACHIQUE BEATIARTIFISQUE LOCI CONTINET ISTE LAPISFINE SUO IULIUS HUIC FINEM […]

  • Scott Ross

    Scott Ross

    Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), sonatas : K 6 F Major K 24 A Major

  • WordPress Cheatsheet

    WordPress Cheatsheet

    Child themes Child themes are the recommended way to customize your favorite WordPress theme.

  • 0! = 1

    0! = 1

    La fonction factorielle est souvent définie comme le produit : $$n!=\prod_{k=1}^n k\text{,}$$ ou bien par récurrence : $$n!=n\cdot(n-1)!\text{,}$$ en prenant par convention : $0!=1$. Mais pourquoi cette convention ?

  • Classic 15 Puzzle

    Classic 15 Puzzle

    15-puzzle by Mark Rohlich Genesis The Fifteen Puzzle consists of fifteen numbered square tiles in a 4×4 square grid, with one position empty or blank. Any tile horizontally or vertically adjacent to the blank can be moved into the blank position. The task is to rearrange the tiles from some random initial configuration into a […]

  • AlphaGo


    AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol Game 2 – March 10th 2016

  • Colors


    Colors are beautiful. Colors have names. Get to know them.

  • Cheaper Matrix Clocks

    Cheaper Matrix Clocks

    Terschelling, The Netherlands, September 29 – October 1. Text of the paper available here.

  • VLC Module/portaudio

    VLC Module/portaudio

    A piece of retro-coding to which I contributed. Back in 2004, VLC release 0.8 added cross-platform support for audio devices with PortAudio, and at last I was able to play quadraphonic streams1 on my hi-fi 😀