Mois : décembre 2020

  • Sudoku with red, yellow and blue

    Sudoku with red, yellow and blue

    Each row and column must contain the digits 1-9. Digits may not repeat within the outlined regions. Digits may not repeat in cells of the same colour (except white). Digits outside the grid in red are colour sums. The value is the sum of all coloured cells (i.e. non-white) in that row / column. Digits […]

  • Gravitational Beam Emitter

    Gravitational Beam Emitter

  • Many lifes

    Many lifes

    Conway’s Game of Life, emulated in Conway’s Game of Life. The Life pattern is the OTCA Metapixel. The life simulator used is Golly.

  • Bobbins, rules

    Bobbins, rules

  • Beautiful squares

    Beautiful squares

    Normal sudoku rules apply. Additionally, Kropki dots are placed in the grid. Kropki rules are applied only along the grey line (orthogonally or diagonally): adjacent cells containing digits whose difference is 1 are marked with a white circle; adjacent cells containing digits whose ratio is 2 are marked with Black circle; adjacent cells containing digits […]

  • Christmas tree

    Christmas tree

    Mark Goodliffe and Simon Anthony from cracking the cryptic are doing a fantastic job of making us discover the fascinating world of advanced sudoku. Here is a treat for the season: normal sudoku rules apply, and identical digits cannot be a chess knight’s move apart. The grey square marks an even digit. Any two cages […]