The benefits of privatisation

Former British Airports Authority (now Heathrow Airport Holdings) was privatised under the Airports Act 1986, in July 1987, during Margaret Thatcher’s second term as UK’s prime minister.

In the mid 1960s, Terence Conrad was working on the interiors for Heathrow’s Terminal 1 and the North Terminal at Gatwick. In a 2007 paper, he contrasts the brief he received from the then public-owned BAA with the brief Richard Rogers ulteriorly received from private-owned BAA for Heathrow Terminal 5 building.

  • public-owned BAA’s top priority was the public’s comfort
  • private-owned BAA required no seating for the public, for the benefit of the paying customer

A new kind of apartheid.

Conrad continues by lamenting how much the private behaves in a greedy fashion each time they are entrusted with a monopoly, citing UK national infrastructures: buses, trains, water, power.

France walks down the same hill. Highways, Toulouse airport, natural gas distribution, gambling sector, now Paris airports.

Who benefits from the crime?

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